Why are Raja & Azhagiri better than Sashi Tharoor ?

So, what did Azhagiri do wrong that has made him the so-called ‘villain’ in the Indian Parliament ?

What was the heinous crime committed by Azhagiri ? He didn’t answer questions pertaining to his ministry. He didn’t do so because he hadn’t attended Parliament since the last one year.He didn’t attend theParliamanent since the last one year because he was preoccupied with other foreign travels. International business development pertaining to his ministry probably. So there is reason enough for him not to be able to attend Parliament and hence not answer questions. So what is the noise in the media about ?

Let us imagine that Azhgiri had attended Parliamament and answered questions.

How would that have mattered ? Would the Fertilizer prices have come down to the delight of the farmers ? Would the price of the essential grains have come down thus bringing down the inflation ? Could the answers have saved the farmers from committing suicides ?

So what is the large debate about ? If this is about the vacation that Azhagiri had in Maldives when the Parliament was in session, even then that does not matter. This too doesn’t matter because nothing ever gets done in the Parliament now-a-days. Azhagiri’s probable answers would have helped the opposition members to stage a walk out thus compensating for missing their morning walks, if they had missed them.

So when the opposition asked the Speaker of the Lok Sabha to know about the whereabouts of Azhagiri, she expressed her ignorance. So did the Prime Minister. So when the Prime Minister himself is not concerned about the whereabouts of his Cabinet Minister, why should the opposition be concerned ? Just because they are opposition members why should they oppose ? How does the opposition dare ask about the whereabouts of Azhagiri ? The Prime Minister’s ignorance can be pardoned as it is a well known fact that the PM does not have a say in who should be in his Cabinet. It is decided by Powers-that-be and he is a mute spectator. Therefore asking the Prime Minister about one of his cabinet ministers is atrocious.

Then what is the point of bringing in Shashi Tharror here ? How does he compare with Azhagiri ?

Well, here you have the suave and highly erudite Tharoor on the one hand who was a minister of state and on the other hand you had Azhagiri on whom you cannot attribute these qualities. And it is not Azhagiri’s fault that he cannot be the repository of such attributes.

But, even with these admirable attributes, Tharoor is not even a minister of state but Azhagiri continues to be a Cabinet Minister even without attending Parliament for the last one year. So, who is better ? Here is a Cabinet Minister who is not answerable to the Parliament, leave alone the Prime Minister. He still continues to be a minister whereas Tharoor is busy cooling his heels in ‘God’s own land’.

Let us, for a moment leave alone Tharoor’s in-experience in handling a woman accomplice and ineptitude in handling a smaller scam to the tune of Rs.70 crores. Mind it, this was not public money / government money – this was private money in a black money diven private enterprise called as the IPL.

With all erudition and suave diplomatic characteristics, Tharoor was booted out of Parliament in a manner that not even Shibu Soren, a convict, is entitled to. His explanations were not even heard in the IPL row. When he attempted to speak, his words were not received at all. That was because he did not belong to a political class that has made politics as a means of earning money without any compunctions; a class that has made general public opinion a matter of print fit only for tissue paper; a class that has ensured that great political debate does not occur in the parliament. And here is a politician who has had dubious credentials as the chief of a fiefdom to the south of Tamil Nadu and who has created a new method of wining elections with blatant disregard to the norms yet still continues to be an Union Minister even without attending Parliament for the last one year. And there is this Prime Minister who doesn’t know where his Cabinet Minister was. Of course the PM wouldn’t have been taken by surprise this time as he has had this experience already when Shibu Soren went underground for some time even while being an Union Minister.

Hence, Azhagiri, the minister who is eternally present in Madurai, is far better suited to Indian politics than the erstwhile UN Under Secretary General. Tharoor is fit only for the US and not for us, the Indians while Azhagiri is fit to represent us in Parliament, although in eternal absentia, from Maldives.

Next in line is Raja. Sssshhhhh. Never talk about him. Just like you should not talk about “In-Justice” Dinakaran. However taller might be their acts of misdemeanor, they should not be acted upon and neither should they be talked about. That is social-justice as these two belong to a special class that Karunanidhi often talks about.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

2 thoughts on “Why are Raja & Azhagiri better than Sashi Tharoor ?”

  1. Agree completely. India has its priorities misplaced and the press blew out the IPL issue more than other important national issues.Is Azhagiri smart enough even to know that he is supposed to attend Parliament as an MP ? Even if he did, there is not too much money to be made by attending Parliament , so he has his priorities right.Dhas


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