UPA-II ( Unified Plundering Authority – Ver 2.0 )

Well, not really sure what to write about. Something like you wouldn’t know from which side of the bread that you should eat first. No matter the side, the bread would taste all the same. Likewise, wherever you start from there is one uniform stench that emanates – the one of corruption and official malfeasance.

Next the UPA II should be credited for one achievement of theirs – once you concentrate your energies and start collecting your thoughts on how to write about that particular ‘achievement’ – read malfeasance, corruption, demeaning act – then another comes about totally out of the blue and completely washes you off your feet so that you don’t know as to what happened to the earlier one with the result that the perpetrators of the earlier crime – read discharge of one’s ‘official duty’ in the service of the nation- are forgotten by the media and the people at large.

We encounter the peculiar nature of the current dispensation -the declaration of motto of UPA – II. The motto is : Un-hindered Plundering at any cost. The mascot being the Prime Minister who has put his image in the line to safeguard the all round plundering that happens at the backend.

When we start looking at the Spectrum achievement and start reading more on that and collect some thoughts on the same, the IPL looms into the foreground. Every high ranking minister is involved leave alone what his ministry has got to do with a pure betting exercise called IPL. The agriculture minister who doesn’t have time to look into the rising prices of essential grains has got enough time at his disposal to wriggle in a betting enterprise. His cabinet colleague Praful Patel who is incharge of aviation and is not able to control Air India’s woes has enough time at his disposal for IPL. Reason : National Service via IPL, you have to believe that.

Farmers are committing suicides in Maharashtra due to debt woes. The agriculture minister spends his time in IPL and BCCI. Reason : National Service via IPL and BCCI, you have to believe that.

Many thousands of tonnes of wheat get rotten due to lack of storage facilities. Agriculture minister negotiates import of wheat from Australia. What economics this ? Probably the economic stalwart in the Prime Minister would know !

While we linger on wheat, another wind blows over – the CWG mess. Suresh Kalmadi defends all his actions with a forged e-mail from the indian high commission from London only to accept a couple of days later that some irregularities would have happened in the CWG affairs. And the Prime Minister maintains his calm and composure as if nothing of significance has happened while the whole world laughs at India’s handling of the pre-games affairs. While China had completed its preparations for last year’s olympics an year earlier and Britain has completed
its olympics preparations for the 2012 olympics, India still is not ready yet for the CWG that would start in October this year. Aspiring for superpower status, did you say.

Time is running out for Sachin Tendulkar. His score is being bettered by Naxals everyday. The day is not far off when Naxals begin television broadcasts from their independent nation comprising of Andhra, Jharkhand and Uttaranchal. While this is the case, the union home minister talks of ‘inclusive’ talks, un-conditional talks and the like only to be countered by his own cabinet colleagues the next day. His only competitor in incompetence is S.M.Krishna who kept mum, looking like a doll, when the Pak minister lambasted the Indian Home Secretary. What is the PM’s take on this ? — A complete mum on the whole affair.

I don’t know how many more times would India need to handover dossiers to Pakistan giving credible evidence of its involvement in the 26/11 attacks. I have strong reasons to believe that there is some secret pact with the dossier making industry to make it more profitable than even Microsoft.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

2 thoughts on “UPA-II ( Unified Plundering Authority – Ver 2.0 )”

  1. Is anyone in UPA taking cognizance!!! Their mantra seems to be throw a portion of the money made by plundering in this term by "buying" votes in the next election….


  2. UPA 2 and especially Manmohan Singh has been a disaster! This government is leaving behind the previous Congress Governement led by PV Narsimha rao when comes to callousness and corruption!


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