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Tamils have original thinking ..

Did some one mention that the tamil community ( the direct translation of ‘Thamizh Samudhaayaam’ ) was there in existence from pre-historic times ( ‘kal thonri man thnra kaalathey mun thonriya mootha tamizh kudi’ ) ? The following picture seems to suggest that. In this era of great developments, we have many such places in Tamil Nadu that seek to remind us of our past.
This original thinking does not stop with lighting. Even in case of transportation of school children, the originality of thought is simply awe inspiring. While the whole world is falling head over heels in ‘going-green’, we tamils have had the great forethought to go green using a MUV — Multi Utility Vehicle !!
In the land where the Right To Education Act has been implemented on April 1, 2010 ( an apt choice of date ), tamil genius helps go green as well as help implement the act.
Any reminder about the fat pay hikes to the MPs is purely coincidental !! No, don’t get reminded by the 35,000 Crore CWG or the 400 Crore Semmozhi Maanaadu please !!
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The impact of the New Indian Rupee

A picture speaks more than many words. This picture is one such .. the impact of the new Indian Rupee Symbol. If readers are reminded of Rs 32,000 Crore CWG wastage or the 100 % salary hike for the MPs, I am not responsible. Also any resemblances to the Karunanidhis and Kalmadis and the Rajas is purely coincidental.

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