Thank You Pakistan !

Oh my God, what a grace from you, Pakistan. What a fantastic and timely diversion from regular doses of corruption ?

Thanks my dear friend, Pakistan. You have saved me again from the constant embarrassment of being watched and talked about on my incompetence as PM.

Thanks for diverting the entire media attention from 2G, CWG and Adarsh and the host of other inflation and price rise issues.

Now NDTV and CNN-IBN shall be busy atleast for the next 2 weeks conducting opinion polls on terrorism. Advani and Modi would talk about the blasts and hence the nation shall forget my corrupt govt for a while.

In any case Digvijay Singh would talk about saffron terrorism and keep the flames up for some more time.

‘The Hindu’ would run editorials asking me to conduct talks with Pakistan.

What I was not able to achieve by propping up Anna Hazare and later subdued Anna Hazare by propping up Ramdev and later on led the media with a midnight arrest drama of Ramdev, you have achieved by just 3 blasts.

Wishing you all the best for further such timely helps.

Soniaji conveys her thanks to you as well.

Thanks a million.

With Best Regards

Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India ( in all probability ).

3 thoughts on “Thank You Pakistan !

  1. Good one ! Rahul has said not all blasts can be prevented, what a responsible statement from the PM in waiting. As usual HM says we have no clue. PM shares his grief in consultation with Sonia. God save India !!


  2. The clear indication for fanning terrorism is the present set of Govt and other politicians. How else would we explain the spend of Rs. 20 Crores on Ajmal Kasab with nothing has happened with him… or the equally incompetent President yet to wake up from the time she took office for Afzal Guru… If our parliamentarians cannot even take action against terrorists who were wanting to kill them, how do you expect them to take care of people


  3. There are rumours claiming these blasts were conducted on Ajmal's birthday! A terrorist way of celebration! Unless something happens to Sonia's family or BJP office every such blasts are going to be news for all not an issue to act on.


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