Thanks a lot, Mr.Karunanidhi – Part 1

Really, what a feat !

A fantastic achievement that cannot be repeated in a 100 years to come !

And that needs another Karunanidhi to do that, no body else !

So what is the achievement all about ?

Was it the ability to create and maintain such a multitude of family ?

Was it the insatiable appetite for money that ensured that a ‘naadaswaram’ player from Thiruvarur became a multi-billionaire and in-turn created several multitudes of millionaries in different parts of the state with the only filter condition that the millionaires were members of the extend arms of your own family ?

Was it the innumerable awards that you received as the former chief minister and the final award for receiving the most number of awards from any Tom, Dick and Harry err.. Elavazhagan, Anbazhagan and Tamizh Maaran ( for the sake of Tamil you see ..).

Was it the great mockery that you and your extended family conducted in Coimbatore in the name of ‘Semmozhi Maanaadu’ – the classical tamil conference conducted at a whooping cost of Rs 350 crore ( public money, you see ) out of which only the contractors affiliated to your party stood to gain a lot ?

Was it your ability to completely bury the tamil folk arts by way of conducting ‘Chennai Sangamam’ with the help of an LTTE funded organization and thereby trying to keep Kanimozhi afloat in the murky world of tamil nadu politics ?

Let us look at your achievements one by one and congratulate you on each count for having systematically destroying each ( thanks to you and your group of loyal house-keepers for that !)

Let us start with the world of ‘Rationalist Movement’ erroneously called by different names such as ‘Suya Mariyadhari Iyakkam ( Self Respect Movement ), ‘Samooga Needi Iyakkam’ ( Social Justice Movement ) etc and the numerous other epithets that are normally associated with you.

1. Rationalist Movement :

The so-called ‘Rationalist Movement’ espoused by the so-called ‘Rationalist god-head’ EVR ( Periyar for the masses )was supposed to have been the erradicator of all caste and religious eveils in the state. EVR was supposed to have helped attain equality among all castes and religions. He was supposed to have denounced all god-forms and hence all religions. But the reality is he tried to denounce the hindu gods and the brahmin community. Notwithstanding the merits of his policy, let us lok at how you dismembered his ideals ( if you can call them ideals ).

A. EVR was supposed to have been the ‘Father of Tamils’ ( Thamizhar Thandhai’ ). But the reality is that he belonged to a Kannada speaking warrior community represented called ‘Naiker’. He never renounced his name and signed all cheques and documents as ‘E.V.Ramasamy Naicker’. So much for erradicating caste and religion. You had denounced Lord Ram. But the ‘father of tamils’ held on to ‘Ramasamy’ till his end.

B. EVR, true to his supposed beliefs, never seemed to worship god, hindu god at that. But you made EVR the thirteenth Azhwar ( holy man according to the Vaishnava Sect) by errecting his statue in front of the Sri Rangam temple. By your deed, the hindu pantheon got an ‘Azhwar’ free of cost, in fact at Govt cost and made EVR worship Lord Ranganatha 24×7, all days of the week in the Vaishava Holy land Sri Rangam. ( probably due to this yeoman service, your bete-noire Jayalalitha, a vaishnavite, has recently won her election from Sri Rangam).

C. The more you publicly criticize the hindu gods, the more your family members visit the temples of south india, probably to expiate the sins that you are causing by way of your utterences. Your wife Smt.Dayalu Ammal, your companion Rajathi Ammal, your daughter-in-law Durga Stalin and your daughter Selvi keep visiting temples, in pubic gare, to pray for your party’s victory. What an achievement Sir ji. The more they visit the temples, the more their accompanying artists vist them and thus the temple priests ( the abnoxious brahmin community that is responsible for the dravidian down fall !! ) stands to gain by way of temple / plate offerings.

D. Your God EVR had said that God ( read hindu God as per the classical rationalist theory of Erode ) never existed. He further espoused that those who propogate God were barbarians. Hence you decided to increase the barbarian population and brought in a law allowing people of all castes to become ‘Archakar’ or priest thereby making EVR turn in his grave. Thanks for that service. Not only have the barbarian population increased but also those following those barbarians such as your family members who visit temples have increased.

E. Have you noticed that your family members have been visiting temples and performing yagas and homams at temples such as Kalahasthi, Thirunallaru, Madurai and Ramanathapuram only. These temples have only brahmin priests ? Why not ask them to alteast visit those temples where non-brahmins are priests ? Why don’t they visit the village temples of deities such as Ayyanaar, Muneeswaran, Mariyamma etc ? Thanks for making them visit only brahmin-priested temples thereby closing the rationalistic coffin of EVR.

F. Again thanks for declaring time and again that the DMK was not a ‘Sankara Matam’ where successors are annointed by the prevailing Swamijis. You are right. In the ‘Sankara Matams’ there can only be one successor. But in the DMK, the state has been divided into many fiefdoms with each family member being incharge of each.

– to be continued –

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

2 thoughts on “Thanks a lot, Mr.Karunanidhi – Part 1”

  1. the price you pay for criticising karuna. what ever you write, don't criticize Periyar and the Dravidian movement. These are un-touchanbles. Even if what you say are true and people believe that, they will not accept that.Periyar is god and you cannot talk about him. nobody can talk about him.


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