Thank you Congress for the banana republic !

Execllent performance !

Great achievements !

Fantastic laurels to the nation !

Again, thank you for the favour done to the nation !

And thanks for what, did you know ?

It is for this comment of the US on democracy in India.

Victoria Nuland, from the US State Dept, said “we count on India to exercise appropriate democratic restraint in the way it deals with peaceful protest” adding, “We support the right of peaceful, non-violent protests around the world.”

The classic case of India being treated as a banana republic based out of Africa.

And this comment is based on India’s proposed handling of Anna Hazare’s fast. And you kept up to the remark as well.

A nation whose President prides himself on Gandhian values and Martin Luther King’s philosophy, has chosen to ‘expect’ India to adhere to democratic handling of a peaceful protest – what a fall India has had to face beause of you, Congress !

How many more lows do you want for India in your insatiable hunger for power ?

You have appointed a President who has had questionable integrity yet pontificates on corruption.

You have a PM who is on “silent mode” for any call and is answerable only to the 2G – SoniaG and RahulG.

You have the power centers ( the 2Gs) always in ‘out of coverage area’.

You have the most incorrigible spokespersons in the lines of Manish Tiwari who vomits that he is told to.

And Digvijay Singh attributes any organ dysfunction of his to the RSS.

The buffoons who masquarade as ministers in the lines of:
Kapil Sibal – the classical zero loss theoritician
Chidambaram – the eternal destroyer, be it finance or home

The unfailing regularity with with scams happen and the alarming frequency with which you receive raps from the Supreme Court for

A. 2G connundrum
B. CWG mess
C. Adarsh imbroglio
D. The Black Money lullabies

And the lacklustre national day speeches by the PM and the President.

And the wisdom with which you allowed Hurriyat separatists to organize protests in Delhi but not Anna Hazare who is not a separatist.

And finally for making me nostalgic about Indira Gandhi by imposing a near emergency.

Great going and all the best for further lows for the nation !

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

4 thoughts on “Thank you Congress for the banana republic !”

  1. To nail it all, the arrest of Anna and his release because the younger G had advised is the biggest joke this Govt has ensured for citizens like us.They are on one-point mission – to make us the jokers in the world's eye


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