Headless Chickens

There was this comment of ‘headless chickens’ by ambassador Ronen Sen about the Indian Parliamentarians for which he was reprimanded. What is being seen now makes the comment true in letter and spirit. Not a word or act of leadership is seen in this govt.

On day one the spokesperson of the Congress calls Anna a liar and while the govt tries to backtrack on the comment.

On day one, ministers prostrate before Baba Ramdev at the airport. On day three he becomes a crook and on day four he is arrested. No explanation what so ever.

On day one Anna is a Gandhian, On day two he is a liar and on day three he is called for the meetings of the Jan Lokpal and on day ten, he is not to be respected and will be called a liar again.

And you have the (in)famous Digvijay who would connect the ‘Vande Mararam’ to RSS and hence proclaim that Anna has the backing of the RSS. Even if true, so what ?

Next comes the accusation that the US is behind this protest ,soon to be backtracked, yet again.

No body of substance and matter in the govt seems to speak at all.

Sibal and Chidambaram, who at other times are at their vocal best, are nowhere to be seen while the crisis has been allowed to precipitate.

And as usual, the PM does not seem to exist.

A protestor and his team, with ideological moorings that are no doubt correct, has been made a super hero and the whole nation and its governance are being held to ransom. No doubt corruption has reached its heights but let the Parliament function and pass laws. Make your MPs accept the ‘Jan’ Lok Pal and ask them to pass it in the Parliament.

Whether the Parliament consists of crooks or bandits, it represents the people of the country.

This very same middle class that is protesting now does not seem to vote in elections while opting to watch IPL and other tamashas.

What happens next when a 10,000 strong crowd assembles in Delhi and goes on a protest emanding independence for Kashmir or a separate country called Tamil nadu ( now that Karuna and team are jobless, they could as well team-up with the vagabonds like Thiruma and Ramadoss of PMK ) ? Would the govt (in)act thus ?

The great destroyer P.Chidambaram ( be it finance or home ) had famously said about Arundati Roy’s seditious speech that even inaction was action. So is the govt following the Chidambaram Doctrine again ?

A Jayalalitha would have handled this better while the highly erudite Dr.Singh, often been accused of waiting for orders from the high command, really seems to make the above accusation true by his (in)action.

It is a pity that there are no statesmen seen in the govt while there are only some men who make statements and quickly backtrack.

Seems the chickens await the mother hen from the US!

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

One thought on “Headless Chickens”

  1. I didn t understand this 'India against corruption' too !! As you pointed out, the very same people who voted for corrupt leaders are the ones who are protesting now. How many protestors did not pay bribes to cops these ten days ?Not just the leadership – the entire nation seems to behave like headless chickens. You could say the nation is as good as its leaders, at least when it comes to being headless 🙂


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