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"Irrational Act in the Rational Republic of Tamil Nadu"

The PWD people in Tamil Nadu performing an ‘arti’ to the river Cauvery – supposedly an irrational act as per the guidelines of ‘Rational Republic of Tamil Nadu”. 
Where are the ‘rationalist demi-gods’ ?
How can a public official perform a supposedly ‘hindu’  tradition ? 
Can we call this the irrelevance of the Periayar and Annadurai ideals ?
 Where are the ‘secular’ intellectuals now ? Hibernating, as usual ?

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Performance Appraisal of Ms.Jayalalitha

Half-yearly Performance Appraisal — May’11 to Nov’11

Appraiser :  An Indian who speaks Tamil
Appraised : Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

Overall Rating : 3.5/10 ( Needs improvement )

Tasks Assigned : 

  1. Improve the Power Situation in the state
  2. Provide Governance to the state( from the scratch )

Tasks Performed : 

  1. Conversion of the half-built TN Assembly into a hospital
  2. Grabbing of land grabbers ( DMK Ministers )
  3. Uniform Education Scheme withdrawal 
  4. Free goats & poultry scheme
  5. Free Laptop Scheme
  6. Effort to convert Anna Library into a Pediatric hospital
  7. LTTE support

Achievements : 

  1. By-election victory
  2. Local body election victory
  3. Opposition to Communal Violence Bill of the UPA govt.
Anti-National Acts Performed : 
  1. Assembly resolution for clemency to Rajiv killers
Unnecessary Tasks Performed : 
  1. Scrapping of the USE ( ‘Samacheer Kalvi ‘)
  2. Anna Library conversion

Appraiser Comments :

  1. You have been elected to provide governance to the state that has not been having one for the last many years. Except for power situation and grabbing the land grabbers, governance in terms of better fiscal management is not to be seen.
  2. Providing freebies might be your policy decision. But that is no way different from what your predecessor did except for the fact that you chose to provide goats and other livestock in addition to the other freebies. Incidentally on Aug 15 this year, you chose to announce the ‘free chicken and goat’ scheme and declared that you are a welfare state while just the previous day, Aug 14, the PM of Singapore declared in his National Day Address that Singapore could not become a welfare state despite the enormous cash reserves that his country had. He cited the example of Greece and its current condition due to its policy of being a welfare state. I presume that your govt does not have more cash reserves than Singapore. If you are cash surplus, then why do you have deficit budgets ?
  3. As a Chief Minister you are free to decide policy matters as that is the power of the executive. But that does not mean that you could take illogical decisions like Anna Library conversion. Pls explain how that move is in any way going to uplift the lives of the millions of people of the state while your own Egmore Childrens’ Hospital is crying for attention.You are free to initiate inquiries on the scams in Anna Library construction.
  4. Being irrational is the unique characteristic of the dravidian political parties. But as a government, you are bound to perform to the expectations of the people and not according to your political aspirations.
  5. You are free to choose your ministers and I am free to walk on the roads and not be obstructed by large hoardings of yours put up by your ministers and party-men. Though this is lesser than what used to be in the last 5 years, it should need to be abolished in to-to. The Singapore and Japanese ministers do not erect cut-outs for their chiefs nor do the Democrats do for Obama.
  6. Educate your ministers to speak on TV without uttering ‘Amma’ and to speak on the issues on hand only.
  7. I gave you the mandate to rule me after having been an audience to a Chief Minister who wrote dialogues for un-watchable films and attended valedictory parties for his non-achievements. I do not expect an encore of those days. 
  8.  Your mandate is to provide governance for the state and not to pass anti-national resolutions in the assembly or for that matter matter pass resolutions on foreign policy matters like economic sanctions on Sri Lanka etc. Your predecessor did these tricks and you know where he is now.
  9. I don’t want to demean myself by having to stand in front of semi-literate Electricity Board Staff begging for some issue resolution or waiting for some VIP to arrive before a traffic hold-up is cleared. 
  10. I don’t want your party men to stare down on me from huge hoardings as I don’t give a damn to ‘Bullet’ Rajendran, ‘Bunk’ Kumar, ‘Spanner’ Suresh, ‘Auto’ Antony. I don’t want these people to bless me from the hoardings during my morning walks. Lastly, these people were in the same hoardings even during the previous regime owing allegiance to the then Chief Minister.
  11. The 5-year term that you have got does not mean that you are free to do what ever you want for the next 5 years and come back to the people asking for a subsequent term but it is a reminder to you that however hard you work and what ever exemplary service you do to the people, you need to go back to them after 5 years and ask for permission to continue. Your predecessor forgot this at his own peril.
  12. The saving grace for you is that your predecessor’s score was 0.5 / 10.  But if you make that score lull you into being complacent, then I would probably have to appraise someone else next time.

Suggestions for Improvement :

  1. Refer to the Gujarat Chief Minister’s model of governance and you would not need to campaign during an election till the end of your life. (His model is criticized by the Congress government at the Center and hence should be good for the country and the people.)

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