So I was not harvested yet. Hence the preparations for harvest continued. CG and FL continued their arguments with true ‘missionary’ zeal ( I understood what that was then ).

CG : So you are not prepared to mend your ways and reach God in His heaven ?

Me : Sir, argument sake, let me ask you this question. How different  are you from a toy sales man ? Why do you want to sell your God to me ?

CG : I am not selling God. I am trying to introduce you to the real son of God, Jesus.

Me : Why did God have only one son ? Who was the son’s mother ?

CG : You know about the immaculate conception ? Well, that is it.

Me : Let us not go into that. Ok, Jesus had a mother. But why should I believe that he will fetch me heaven ?

FL : B’coz, that is the only way for a sinner to redeem his sins and reach heaven ad the book says so.

Me : For a moment, let us not talk about the book. Let me ask some questions for clarifications. Why should I believe in Jesus only as God’s son and messenger and not Allah or Buddha ? Are they not Gods ?

CG : Jesus is the only son of God and he is the path to salvation. Others aren’t.

Me : Why do you say so, other than saying that it is in the book ?

FL : No other reason. The book is the voice of God and thus it is true.

CG : The present situation, that we are talking to you is because Jesus, the son of God, wants you to be redeemed. And this is your chance.

Me : Ok. Great. Why does He not ask you to visit my neighbour, who is, as per the book, a sinner ? Why has God chosen me to be , you know, ‘saved’ from hell ?

CG : You know, God has His own ways and it is His prerogative.

Me : So, shall I say that God has asked you to ‘help’ me from being burned in hell and hence you are here. I agree. So, why should I not say that the same God makes me to ask you these questions about God himself ?

FL : Sir, you are not getting the point. I mean, you are a sinner and so God opens a way for you to redeem yourself of your sins. And it is the satan in you that is not allowing you to be redeemed.

Me : Who says so? The Book ?

FL : Yeah, you are right. The Book says so and it ought to be right because it is the voice of God.

Me : Coming back to my question.. why does God make me ask you questions ?

FL : God doesn’t make you ask these questions. It is the satan that does.

Me : Satan ? Ok. Who created the Satan ?

CG :Oh, Satan is the fallen angel who wanted to be more powerful than God and hence he induces people to be anti-God.

Me : My question is, Sir, Who created Satan ?

FL : God created Satan. But he fell out of favour with God as he wanted to become God.

Me : So God made Satan. Satan wanted to be super-God and hence induces people to be against God. And God is powerless to put an end to Satan. Right ?

FL : In a human interpretation, correct. But in God’s perspective, it could be different.

Me : Wait a minute, ma’am. So you confirm that God created Satan and is not able to overcome Satan.  Is that right ?

CG : Let us not talk about Satan. The very fact that we are talking about Satan is because Satan is trying to influence us. So let us talk about God instead.

Me : Alright. Why is God not able to influence the Satan  while Satan is able to influence me, as you say ?  Is God less powerful than Satan, his creation ?

FL : Sir, let us not dwell more on Satan please. Let us speak about the good of God. Let us see how to overcome your sin.

Me : I am saying I am not a sinner. I am not a sinner because I am a gift of God. If you say that I have carried my parent’s sins, then you are believing the Karma Theory.

CG : What is that ? What is Karma theory ?

Me : Okay. What you experience now is a result of what you had done in your previous birth. That is Karma.

FL : But there is no previous birth, according to The Book. You are confusing.

Me : For a moment, let us forget the Book. Let us look at things logically. Why does one suffer like  with a deformed leg or a dysfunctional organ. That is due to his or her previous birth’s karma or deeds. Ones’ action in one’s birth determines what one is supposed to undergo later. Something like Newton’s Third Law.

CG : Nothing like that. There are no incarnations. Only one God and His Son.

FL : Yes, quite right.

Me : Then why is there suffering in this world for a righteous person while a wrong doer enjoys all health and wealth ? How do you explain this ?

CG : That is probably not for us to answer. We are only saying that you should redeem your sins and surrender to God so that you can go to heaven.

Me : But Sir, you have not answered my question.

FL : Certain questions are better not asked at all. We should believe that there is one God and He sent his Son to redeem us. And go by The Book. Thus one can be redeemed.

Me : Do you think what you are saying is logical ?

FL : Logical ? Yes. It is as per what the Book says. See here…

Me : I think what you are saying is neither scientific nor logical. Hence you have to rely on a book. Why not you think and ask questions ?

CG : Ask questions about what is written in the Book, the voice of God ?

Me : Quite right. Ask questions and see if that appeals to you. That is what the eastern religions do. They ask questions. Like the Upanishads – they are just questions and answers on the Vedas of Hinduism.

CG : How can you ask questions on the voice of God ?

Me :  Why not ?

FL : Because you are not authorized to ask. You are required to follow what is written in the Book because we don’t know God’s ways.

Me : So, if s thing is not spoken about in The Book, then it is not right to pursue that ?

FL : Very well. What is not in The Book should not be done. You are getting it.

Me : So, does The Book talk about aeroplanes ? Does it talk about satellites ? But these exist and are a reality. So, should human beings not use them or improvise them ? What is right ? The Book does not talk about potatoes. So don’t Christians eat potatoes ? Don’t the holy cardinals and the reverends use scientific apparatus ? Does the Pope not use the Pope-Mobile , the vehicle to transport him ? I don’t understand ..

CG : All these questions aside, are you interested in coming to heaven or not ?

Me : Sir, I don’t understand. You don’t seem to address my questions.

FL : Sir, these are earthly questions for normal human beings. Let us look at the larger question on life. From here where do you want to go ?

Me : Sir and Madam. I apologize. I don’t speak English. Nothing of what I have asked seems to have an answer in The Book or so you say. Hence please leave me to go to hell or help me meet up with some learned people from your sect or school who can answer out-of-the-book questions as well.

Fl : We are messengers of God’s Son. We carry his message. So there is a limit to our knowledge.

Me : Good. Thank you for your candid confession. But when on these visits, please bring along a learned person from your side to answer these basic questions. This is because not every one of your ‘harvest’ would be dumb enough to accept what ever you say. Those days are gone.

FL :  Quite right Sir. Next week, I shall bring along our pastor who would be able to answer your questions.

Two weeks have gone by and I am waiting for the pastor.


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