Write in short, did you say ?

Some recent mails from a long standing reader.

“Why do you write such long winded sentences ”

“Why is it that your articles and posts are at least two pages long even in this age of FB?”

“Why do you write such complex sentences? Can’t you write in simple five word sentences ?”

“Blasphemy, why are you writing nowadays in Tamil ?”

“Don’t you know about Twitter? It is just 140 characters long and we are able to talk a lot. Come on grow up”.

“Can’t your posts be like Facebook Status updates?”

“What ever you might say, if your posts are longer than four sentences, I can’t read them”.

My response :

I exercise my right to make good use of what my English teachers have taught me – simple, compound, complex sentences, positive, comparative and superlative degrees of comparison, active and passive voice forms and the different tenses to express satire and the different figures of speech.

And Tamil is not a dead language like Latin. For more visit http://ammanji.wordpress.com

Four word sentences are usually called epitaphs. And I don’t intend to be an epitaph engraver. I write for live humans and not for used-to-be-alive folks.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

2 thoughts on “Write in short, did you say ?”

  1. Dear “AA” Swamy, I hv read all yr blogs. Fine. But is it necessary to describe you as “Foolish” or etc., etc.,? A.Devanathan



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