Buddha got enlightened under a tree. You never know where or when you get enlightened. Here is mine.

“So you are PR already ?”, the friendly taxi driver inquired. He appeared to be well over 60. But I dared not to ask his age.

“Not yet, uncle. Don’t see a reason why I should become one”, I said.

“Oh ya, good idea. Don’t become one ya.”, the taxi uncle advised.

“Why uncle ? Any problem?”, I asked.

“No problem for you lah. Problem for us, Singaporeans”, said the taxi uncle.

“Problem for you ?”, I was really puzzled.

“Yah lah. MRT crowded already, packed like sardines”

“Uncle, but why sardines?”

“Sardines are packed tight only once and we are packed every day already”

“But uncle, you need development right ?”

“Yah lah, no but not needed already. We already develop enough lah”.

“Uncle, now there is economic down turn. So no growth world over, and so you need more people to produce growth in Singapore”.

“Not needed already. We have enough growth. We need happiness lah. I worked in 1980 because my son go to school, worked in 1990 because my son go to college, and work now because I need money to live”.


“I will tell a joke lah. We worked when we were poor. And we became rich. And we work now because we don’t become poor. Is it not strange that you work any which ways ?”

“But uncle, America was shut down even though they got all Nobel Prizes in Economics just because they were not prudent. So a small country like Singapore that imports everything from rice to water cannot dole out freebies, right ?”

“Yah lah, you sound logical. But somehow I feel I am always running a rat race. And even if I win I am still a rat. What do you say?”

Well, taxi rides lead to enlightenment too.


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