‘Uncle, why so much speed now ? You could go a bit slow. I am in no hurry’, I say to the taxi uncle when I notice that the speedometer was touching 110 KM / h on an expressway.

‘No lah, you no hurry. I am in great hurry. Late already’, the taxi uncle replies.

‘But what is the hurry on a holiday uncle?’, I ask.

‘No Sir, Need to take my son to tuition’.

‘Tuition ?’, I ask, ‘vacations have already started for the local schools in Singapore, right?’

‘Yes Sir. Schools are on vacation. So students are on tuition’.

I obviously didn’t get it. Sensing my puzzled look, the taxi uncle came forward and said, ‘See, my son goes to Special Maths coaching’.

I felt a camaraderie with his son. Thought his son was as alienated from Maths as I was at school.

‘So, your son needs help in maths because he is probably, you know, not doing well or something like that?’, I stammered.

‘No lah, my son very good in maths already. So only he go to special maths tuition’.

No I am completely lost. How does a student who is very good in maths require a tuition when his school itself is closed ?

‘But..’, I begin.

‘Sir, you don’t understand. You see, this is how it is. My son goes to gifted education stream and so he is going to tuition for maths. Understood ?’

Now I am a wash-out like the Congress in Madhya Pradesh. I begin to look like Rahul Gandhi in the midst of a speech, totally confused.

‘Uncle, one basic question. Your son is in gifted education stream, right?’

‘Correct, he is in GES already. And on top of his class’.

‘So why does he need a tuition? He is in gifted education already right?’

Now Uncle takes pity on me and explains the philosophy of gifted education. And I look like, you know who, totally dumb founded.

‘See Sir. My son is in Gifted education stream. So he goes to tuition to be in Gifted education stream at school. In case he stops going to tuition he goes back to normal stream because his grades will fall. So to remain in Gifted stream he needs to take special classes outside of school. That is why he goes to tuition and that is why I am speeding on a school holiday. And don’t ask any more question’.

I am looking for some tuition to understand this concept of gifted education that needs special tuition outside of schools so that children remain in gifted education.

Aren’t gifted education children supposed to be gifted and so they are in gifted education stream ?

Am I missing something here?


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