What would you say if a kindergarten child is enrolled for leadership development course ? You would be worried that something is terribly wrong , wouldn’t you be ?

Here is how it goes in Singapore. Either people don’t want to have children or put the 3 year old toddlers in some school or the other. Singapore being a highly competitive society insists on meritocracy in every sphere. And that has its own adverse effects with parents over-schooling children.

Several books have been written on this ‘catch them early’ bug but nothing substantial appeared on the ground. Twelve year-olds undergoing the PSLE ( Primary School Leaving Exams ) are under so much stress that parents go on leave to coach them when the children come home after school and tuition.

There is another stream called ‘Gifted Education Stream’. The irony is that even those children attend coaching classes. If they are gifted why do they need coaching ? Many people have asked this but no answers are available.

There was this eminently readable book ‘Good, Bad and the PSLE’, by Singaporean author Ms.Monica Lim detailing the travails of a working mom with two school going children. ( My review of the book is here )

Recently things reached their nadir when somebody had asked the Prime Minister 

Now that the PM has spoken., let us hope tuition mania comes down. 

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