How many times have you been in a taxi driven by a woman ? Today I got a chance.Don’t get ideas here. The woman was 55 years of age. And she drove me from office to home at 10 PM in the night.

It is not un-common to see women taxi-drivers in Singapore. But seeing one in the night, was surprising though Singapore is the safest place in the world next to New Zealand and Japan, especially for women. And it is not unusual for people to have two jobs per day. The cost is such.

I spoke to her all through the journey – I always speak to taxi-drivers as they are the source of hot information about Singapore – and came to know of the following:

  1. She starts her day at 8 AM.
  2. Drives through the day.
  3. Drives through the night.
  4. Ends her work at 12 AM midnight.

I expressed surprise. She said,”What lah, man or woman same work , day and night. Need to earn you see..”

What fortitude ! I thought.

“What to do at home lah. I enjoy driving. So I work during day and night.”

I got the message. Enjoy your work and you won’t feel the burden.


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