Singapore offers you not only safety and wealth but also wisdom.

I took a taxi last night and here is what happened :

I got into this taxi at 10:00 PM after a crazy work day and was too tired to speak.The taxi driver, Alex, didn’t look taxi-driver-like in the first place. He looked more a college student.

So I asked him if he had a day job as it is normal for people to have a different job during the day and drive taxi during the night for, Singapore is a nation that always runs to stay in the same place.

He said,’My day job is to sleep and be lazy. In the night, I drive taxi’. His english accent, though Singaporean, was polished and that made me curious.

‘Is this taxi driving earning you your daily dollars?, I asked for I know too many taxi drivers were complaining on the ever increasing taxi rentals and cost of living that they couldn’t make their ends meet.

I was flummoxed when he said,’I drive 12 hours, 7 days and that leaves me with enough cash but no time to spend the money”.

I was pondering over his answer when he inquired me about my family situation. I then asked him about the Singapore education scenario and how his children fared. That was when I became wise.

‘I don’t egg my children to come first. Because only one can come first. But in the process, children lose their childhood, they forget to know that they are children and begin to behave as adults. I ask them to give their best. If they don’t come first, they will have friends among who didn’t come first. But if they come first, they are lonely at the top.

Children are gifts of God. And God wants us to be happy. But we peck our children to ‘perform’ and ‘perform’ and defeat God’s purpose. Let them be their natural selves and have a life rather than become a running machine and always come on top’.

I would be lying to you if I said I was not flabbergasted.

He continued: ‘Money is not everything Sir. We live to be happy and the process of life needs money and not otherwise. If you work very hard for more money, you could live in a bigger house. And when you die, your children might inherit them. What if they gamble the house ? So, let us live a peaceful and honest life and earn some money and not live to earn money only.

Owning iphone 6 or iphone 6 plus doesn’t matter if you can’t see your parents and speak with them face to face’.

My jaws dropped. I asked him where he lived and his answer made me cry.

‘When I was a teenager, we lived in an independent house in Orchard Road. I don’t know how big the house was. But I was not happy as I never saw my parents. They were busy making money. But in 1997 during the Asian Financial Crisis, my father’s business came down and we moved to a smaller apartment. They were not happy, but I was, because I got to see them daily’.

If in Singapore look out for Alex The, the cabbie , and you will get down from the taxi wiser.


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