‘Deep Work’ – my review

28 Nov

‘Deep Work’, by MIT trained theoretical computer scientist Dr. Cal Newport, is a magnificent book that draws our attention to bring back attention and thus produce works of deep thought and value, thereby opening our eyes to what our sages and parents have always said from time immemorial – concentrate, don’t do two things at a time, discard the fluff and look at the core.

This is a book written at the right time when much needs to be done, especially in the knowledge economy, in spite of distractions all around.

Dr.Newport establishes his case with evidence based on neurological research done by various US universities and researcher scholars. He explains, in simple terms, how concentrating on one thing at a time builds brain capacity and improves skill – all based on scientific evidence.

The highlight of the book is the personal connection that the author provides throughout – the ways and methods he had adopted and hence found success in his field of research and teaching. And all these correspond to the methods that he elucidates in the book.

I recommend this to students, in particular.


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3 responses to “‘Deep Work’ – my review

  1. kasturisudhakar(கஸ்தூரி சுதாகர்)

    May 21, 2020 at 12:51 am

    A fantastic review to a marvellous work . I fully endorse your views on Deep Work. Starting with the experiences of ‘The Father of Archetypes,’ how he used to be secluded when he wanted to write serious works to the experiences of Cal Newport himself , this book has practical wisdom and examples throughout. A must for those who would like to treat their life seriously , enjoy with success.



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