Who am I ?

A simpleton that has a view on things. An electrical engineer that works in software for a bank but imagines himself to be the next Wodehouse of current affairs. More importantly a computer looker by the day and a writer by night.

And before I forget, no publisher has so far come up with a plan to commit suicide yet – also known as publishing my book.

Feel free to connect at : rightoffcenter@gmail.com

I write in Tamil too ( the language that is spoken in the southern part of India)

தமிழ்ப் பதிவுகளுக்கு http://ammanji.wordpress.com


16 thoughts on “Who am I ?

  1. Thanks for visiting my site,
    I am planning a post on Prapatti and Saranagathi in detail along with a detailed post on Vishishtadvaita.
    Please exchange views once they are posted.
    Mean while you may read my posts under Hinduism,Indian Philosophy/Astrophysics.
    Your comments, inputs are welcome..
    I visited your other site.
    Very good in Tamil


  2. Very attractive word-smithy! And a very quick reporting too… I read about this in an article in The Hindu- but it was quietly hidden among a lot of inane news about RBI’s monetary policy… Thanks for surfacing this issue….


  3. We loved the south of India on a 10 day visit, especially Pondicherry and the elephant touch on the head! Typical tourists. . . also Kerla with backwater ride, jungle and greenery. Then off to Goa where the students loved the beaches and we visited the wonderful Portuguese churches! Can’t wait to hear from where you come? I have met many Indian engineers who are writers or poets at heart!


    1. Madam, I belong to south central Tamil nadu from an family that had dedicated itself to the service of academics and the Lord. But both didn’t help earn to sustain oneself and hence the family took to English education and here I am writing software by day and articles by night :).


      1. I have nominated others too.
        Is there a rule that one can not nominate back?
        My nominating you is not because of you nominated mine.
        The posts I have nominated are those I appreciate.
        The delay is because I did not know about blog nominations and came to know about it after your communication. Will you please let me know details and also if I should nominate a minimum number?Regards


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