Temple Cleaning – Baburayan Pettai

We conducted a detailed temple cleaning activity at Baburayan Pettai Varadaraja Perumal Temple for three days between 05-Feb-2022 and 07-Feb-2022.

The temple is mostly dilapidated. Most of the praharams are under thick weed growth for the last hundred years. The fourth and fifth praharam were impenetrable. We cleared the praharams and found some ancient structures as well.

We didn’t climb atop any structure to clear the growth. They remain as they have been so far. We cleared the outer spaces ( praharams) so that the architects could begin their job of estimation and restoration planning.

Here are some pictures on the temple cleaning (உழவாரப் பணி).

An ancient watch tower or bell tower found in Praharam 5

Ancient light tower unearthed in Praharam 5
Praharam 5 after clearing 100 year old bush and weeds
Praharam 4 cleared of many decades old bush, weeds and undergrowth
Temple well accessible after clearing the weeds
Praharam 4 cleared near the old demolished Thayar sannidhi
Praharam 5 clearing – yet another view
Temple Madappalli (kitchen) made accessible after clearing
Demolished Thayar Sannidhi granite stones
Light Tower that came to light in Praharam 5 after clearing
Glorious Sunset seen from Praharam 4 – all cleared in the Temple Cleaning exercise
Clearing and Levelling between gopuram 1 and 2
View from Praharam 4 after clearing the area
Red :Shri.Ramajayam. Orange: Shri.Anbarasu (both stayed at site) Yellow: Reader Sathish and Amaruvi.
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