PM's I-Day Message

The days of pusillanimity are over. This is what I get from the PM’s Balochistan reference. It could be a strategic reminder to Pakistan that India has the means & methods to create trouble in Baloch if the former continues meddling in Kashmir.

Being the fastest growing economy in the world, India has the means and wherewithal to meddle in Baloch. Shri.PAK says what if Pakistan, an already failing state, degenerates and enters into a quagmire with the nuclear arsenal falling into the wrong hands? Well, that could happen even without India creating trouble from Baloch as Pakistan, a state founded on hatred, is being consumed by the same.

So, what next? I would think raising Yighur and Tibet in international arena would be the logical next. Pressing for an international inquiry into Tianenmen Square massacre could be next.That could help keep the Chinese tail from wagging in Arunachal.

In international affairs, posturing is equally important as acting. India needs to do both. Hope it does.

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