See you in Bangkok

If you get out of coma all of a sudden, how would you feel ? Probably that is how Rahul Gandhi feels now-a-days.

He has said,“I used to think only farmers, tribals and labourers are cheated on matters related to land. But I learnt something new today. Even the middle class is cheated and flat buyers are victimised.”

It is a wonder that he has ‘learnt something new’ today. It has suddenly dawned on him that the middle class are being cheated by flats developers and so he has declared that he is with the middle class.

What he has probably not ‘learnt’ is DLF is leading the pack of developers who have cheated flat buyers. Probably he has also not ‘learnt’ that Robert Vadra, his brother-in-law, has had several infamous transactions with DLF.

Let us hope he learns one lesson every day. Last week he ‘learnt’ about the farmers’ problems. Later he ‘learnt’ about Net Neurality and then ‘learnt’ about Rishikesh.

I think going to Bangkok opens up ones’ mind, increases the levels of Dopamine and Serotonin in the grey matter and thus ‘enables’ learning.

Come let us go to Bangkok. Seems it is good for us.

See you in Bangkok.

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