In pursuit of a noble thing

Dear Ms.Barkha Dutt,

Congratulations on your doggy pursuit of a noble thing at an elite university’s boy’s hostel.

Having been an idiot all my life, I have never known that there is this thing that needs to be obtained from a university. I have to ridicule myself for having spent time in college aspiring for a piece of paper – the degree certificate – while I should actually have been after what you have shown now.

See, that is why I say that our school education system needs to be revamped. The Mcaulay method that we have been following till now has only made me a fool that I was looking for a degree from the university, while in reality, I should have looked for what you were searching for in JNU.

During my entire time in college, I was in the Boy’s hostel and never knew boys had, among other things, the one that you were after. Or the boys I were with were as stupid and backward as I was and hence didn’t know about the thing either. Well, in technical universities, middle class boys run behind GATE or GMAT or GRE and hence have been utter fools not to have been after what you have been after, now.

What a piece of fantastic investigative journalism, Ms.Dutt! The likes of Chitra Subramanian and Arun Shourie have to hang their heads in shame for their investigative journalism to bring out the Bofors Scam and Gundu Rao Bribery Scandal respectively, for you have, due partly to your elite education and companionship with the comrades, established that your pursuit was far nobler than those of the two backwards mentioned before.

Your ‘standards’ in Journalism, as elaborated by Radia Tapes, is a standing testimony to your ‘integrity’ in and journalistic ethics.

And this Cho Ramaswamy. Please bring him out of the time machine, take him as your student and train him on the journalistic ethics and methods. The poor guys still talks about integrity, corruption, and moral and ethical standards. Poor thing, he is.

Thank you for this investigation. And never lose heart. Pursue your dreams and extend your search to the other central universities, for you might find much more interesting stuff than what you were not able to find in JNU.

Again, congratulations on this job well done.

A Stupid Indian.

Indian Media is stupid

Indian media have never been known for commonsense. But this satire by Madhu Trehan on the Indian media, NDTV in particular, exposes the complete lack of even elementary sense in the media. #mediacrooks

The way NDTV’s Barkha Dutt, propped by an army Jawan, interviews a flood victim and the way another interviewer occupies valuable real estate in an air force chopper and asks stupid questions to victims, brings not only nausea in us but also anger.

While NDTV has an excellent anchor in Srinivasan Jain, it also compensates for its excellence and has Barkha Dutt.

Spread word about this stupidity called Indian media and also the good work done by Madhu Trehan via her site

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