A new apartheid?

This is new apartheid – the one that the post-2014 hindutvaites and current liberalism vendors practise in equal measure.

Veer Savarkar was a tyagi beyond all means. The kind of torture he had endured in Andaman cannot be visualised now-a-days. He was a hero and will continue to be one of our greatest heroes.

Mahatma Gandhi is yet another hero that has no parallel, yet. Same goes for Sardar Patel and equally for Netaji. And Pt. Nehru doesn’t fall behind. All are our national heroes, satyagrahis are role models in their own ways.I fail to understand why, as a citizen, I cannot admire all the above leaders. How to glorify Gandhi and deride Savarkar? How to eulogise Rajaji, yet talk ill of Nehru?

Who decides that a citizen who praises Pt. Deen Dayal Upadyaya should only cast aspersions on, say, VOC?

Why should we look at the world in binary? I might have a different opinion on the Mahatma’s views on Jews. Yes, he was wrong on his advice to Jews that they should surrender themselves to Hitler. But how can I forget his strong adherence to the dharmic way of life? How can I not take cognisance of his lasting love for Ram? How can I forget that, but for Gandhi who made the freedom struggle a mass movement, people’s participation, more so women’s participation, would not have happened?

If there was one person who had a magnificent, yet, saintly appeal to the largely illiterate masses during the pre-independence era, it was Mahatma Gandhi. He symbolised the austere practices of Jainism and the devotion of Vaishnavism. Not only did he transmute these philosophies of yore into the national stream, but also ensured that such thoughts and practices were used as tools to fight the British.

A casual reading of Bharathi’s works shows the intensity of his love for Bharat. VOC’s sacrifices cannot be replicated yet again. Jai Hind Chempakaraman Pillai is a legend. Vanchi is a hero. Period.

For me, all those who fought for freedom are national heroes and merit my admiration and respect. There could be a variation in their contribution, but each one contributed and sacrificed their lifetime in jails and endured other discomforts.

Any talk of disrespect to any tyagi of yore, including Tirupur Kumaran, Vanchi nathan, VOC, Bharathi, VVS Iyer., Arvind Ghosh, is only a reflection of skewed education and malicious propaganda. Not to mention mortgage of intellectual capacity to intellectual mediocrity.

Love of Tamil doesn’t mean any national leader can be insulted.

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