Thank you, Chief Minister

Dear Chief Minister – past & present,

Just two words to you. Thank You. For, you have enlightened us in many ways in 4 days. You made us understand what we have and what we don’t have; what we are and what we aren’t.

Fist, what we have:

  1. A Chief Minister who wouldn’t talk to the very people who elected her. Conceit? Probably.
  2. A CM who has aspirations to become a PM but with not even a hundredth of the latter’s attributes.
  3. A whole army of nincompoops. Call them ‘ministers’ at your peril.
  4. A swarm of MLAs who are no better.
  5. A legislature of owls err.. party men who bring disgrace to the hyenas.
  6. A state civil administration that is too inept to even provide direction to the defence services. But can’t blame them as you chose them.
  7. A complete army of sycophants who have made even the Congress party members blush.
  8. A slew of politicians who were so vociferous until the other day on intolerance and other debates but have suddenly lost their speech now.

Second, what we didn’t have:

  1. A leader from the state who would stand by the people.
  2. A leader who could provide proper direction to the administration.
  3. A human being at the helm.
  4. The ‘stars’ who perform rather than whine.
  5. Elected representatives that could talk coherently.

But by all the above, you made us know who we were.

And we are:

  1. One people for whom religion is just an attribute.
  2. One people for whom caste is just an indicator.
  3. The Hindus who let Muslims take shelter in temples.
  4. The Muslims who prepare food for the Hindus.
  5. The Jains who distribute food to the Muslims.
  6. Triplicane brahmins who cook food for the Thondiarpet Christians.
  7. The Sri Rangam Mamis who make chappatis for the Saidapet slum dwellers.
  8. The Ambur Muslims who provide mats for Agraharam Iyers.
  9. The ‘terrorist’ RSS that took care of carrying the dead in flood.
  10. The ‘extremist’ MMK who provide shelter to the Chettiar Hindus.
  11. The 5th standard girl child from Trichy who makes chappatis for unknown friends in Chennai.
  12. The Sikh gents who swim to help the slum dwellers.
  13. The brave army men who battle snakes to save the elderly.
  14. The air force men who save many pregnant women.
  15. The fisherfolk that has saved so many lives that we don’t know how many.
  16. The hundreds of ordinary, non-descript people who opened doors for complete strangers and established ‘Vasudaiva Kudumbakam’- One world one family.

The more you sought to divide us, the more we became one. You tried to divide us on caste, religion and language. But we came together as Indians.

Now we know no Muslim, no Hindu and no Christian. We only know Indians who happen to be Muslims, Christians and Hindus.

And a big thank you, for refusing to show up needing the Prime Minister to make you do your duty.

Thank you, yet again, for showing us that what the state needs is not parochialism or linguistic division or caste based confusion.

Thank you for showing us that Anna-ism, Dravidian-ism, Parochial-ism, Hindu-ism, Brahmin-ism, Non-Brahmin-ism, Islam-ism or whatever ‘ism’ don’t work and the only ‘ism’  that works is Human-ism and that we are bound by National-ism in this effort.

Thank you for bringing out the Indianness in us.

Jai Hind & Good bye.


  1. This applies to all the Chief Ministers of the past 30 or so years.
  2. Here are some pictures showing who we are. ( pics taken from social media )

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