So what is the matter ?

The unusual rhetoric shown by the government, that too all arms of the government acting in unison, on this Devyani episode in the US when the Indian Deputy Consul was arrested, hand-cuffed and strip-searched, makes me believe that there is more to it than meets the eye.

For one, I refused to believe that Rahul cancelled a meeting with the US Congressmen. And the soft-spoken Meira Kuumar, the speaker, cancelled hers as well. And the US diplomats in the whole of India have been asked to hand over their passes.

This unusual act in unison, in my analysis, might mean any one or more of the following :

  • The US is pushing for some aircraft or military deal that India is inclined to give to some French company. The US needs the deal more than India needs the aircraft. So they might be trying to push for the obsolete aircraft such as F-16.
  • The Congress ( India’s Congress Party ) has lost the recent elections in a catastrophic manner and hence needs to show some muscle to face the oncoming elections.
  • Some funds that are likely to benefit the ruling establishment are held by the US for some Anti Money Laundering reasons. And hence this drama of “we-will-also-treat-you-bad” is being enacted by the UPA of India.
  • The US is trying to placate China on the South China Sea Air Corridor issue and hence wants to prove to them that they are indeed not supporting India against the China.
  • The UPA wants a ‘tit-for-tat’ for Sonia being served summons in the US. THey are not being sure that they would come back to power to seek revenge.
  • Apart from the above there could be other un-known reasons as well like Rahul’s FBI case coming up soon for hearing and the like.

But one thing is clear :

The UPA would not act in India’s interests.

So, just in case the US is trying to play games, what should India do :

  • Go pally-pally with China and Russia.
  • Declare some Free Trade Agreement with Russia.
  • Invite the Iranian President as guest for the Republic Day.
  • Celebrate something like the ’60th year of Indo-Soviet Friendship’
  • Announce another Nuclear Reactor commissioning, say , in Jaipur with Russian collaboration.
  • Ask President Mukherjee to visit China, Venezuela and Iran and sign some agreements.

But in case the UPA is playing games  forget this episode as  they usually play games like they have played with India’s growth in the last 10 years.

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