Thank You, Dr.Singh

Dear Dr.Singh ,

Thank you very much. Have a safe and active retired life.

You might have noticed that I have chosen to address you as Dr.Singh and not as ‘Mr.Prime Minister’.

I didn’t want to cloud my mind with negativity and despair and hence start an outpouring of emotions. Hence I have avoided giving the burden of being a prime minister to you.

Sir, the post of the Prime Minister of India was an institution. Yes, it is a ‘was’. That is because it used to be an institution with such raw power and authority to make or break the lives of a billion people and more. And now the ‘institution’ has become a museum where one gets a glimpse of what it used to be like and derive nostalgic pleasure. Thank you for that.

Sir, when you became the Prime Minister, I was enthralled not because of your political party but because of the number of letters that succeeded your name – your qualifications. But you helped me in a way. You have proved that the number of characters behind one’s name does not signify the ‘character’ of the person. Thank God, my name has just two characters following it.

Sir, I know that you are preparing to leave and you have written to the world leaders about your imminent departure. Now that you have written to them, I come to know that you have been there for the last 10 years.

When I come to think of the last 10 years, some thoughts come to my mind. I cannot help but think of these past events and people.

  1. Natwar Singh. Your minister in your first term. He was supposed to have taken money from, of all persons, Saddam Hussein.
  2. Sashi Tharoor. The Minister for Twitter. I don’t know if he has done anything more than tweet. He probably was an employee of Twitter, out to promote the company in India.
  3. Shibu Soren. You were not able to reach out to him, when he went underground. And might I add that he was a minister in your cabinet ?
  4. Mamta Banerjee. No, I don’t want to speak about her. Silence is golden, in her case
  5. A.Raja. May be I should not have brought his name at all. Oh yes, he helped Saravana Bavan open a branch in Tihar.
  6. T.R.Baalu. Well, the minister for shipping and transport who shipped and transported wealth for himself and his boss.
  7. P.Chidambaram. Hope you know if he did something while in office other than speaking about Gujarat.
  8. Pranab Mukherjee. He used to be Finance Minister when he was not mollifying Karunanidhi in Chennai.
  9. Kapil Sibal. The person who got the nobel prize for inventing ‘zero’.
  10. Veerappa Moily. The employee of Reliance.
  11. Salman Kurshid. The person who wanted to be in China and said so in Beijing.
  12. Renuka Chaudhry. Not sure what she was other than than she had difficulty in closing her mouth.
  13. Anand Sharma. Not sure what he did other visiting Singapore a couple of times.
  14. Mani Shankar Aiyer – The citizen of Pakistan who found himself in your cabinet for a few months and later in parliament whose job was to out-shout the T.V. anchors in their studios.
  15. Dayanidhi Maaran – The Minister in charge of digging up Chennai roads to lay telephone cables who also incidentally owns  some meagre cable television companies and just one airline company.
  16. Sharad Pawar. The Minister for Agriculture who was developing Agriculture in Dubai, officiating BCCI cricket matches.
  17. Suresh Kalmadi. Not sure who he is. But any mention of ‘stadium’ brings up his image on Google.

Thank you for having demonstrated that one can remain silent even in the company of the above characters.

And I have some retirement ideas for you, Sir. You could write a book on any or all of the following :

  1. ‘Why Gujarat was never a part of India’
  2. Transcendental Meditation in Troubled Times’
  3. ‘Cabinet and the Art of Not Making noise’
  4. ‘The Art and Science of Silent Loot’
  5. ‘Subservience to a woman and its benefits’
  6. ‘Why Coalgate is not good for India’
  7. ‘The Intelligent Investors’ guide to Switzerland’
  8. ‘Hiding behind sarees’

Thanks you.

Yours Sincerely,

Right Off Center

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