The Art of being a fool

The art of being a fool is not necessarily taught in schools. Probably this art might be offered as an elective. But I doubt if that is taught as a core subject. One can major in this art in college by pursuing one of the engineering degrees in any of the thousands of engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu – the southern part of India.

Being a fool is ones’ own prerogative. One can choose to study in such a college and declare to the world that he has acquired the art of being a fool or he can watch a Tamil film and acquire that status in a matter of two hours ( Tamil used to be  a language spoken in the state of Tamil nadu. Now the people there speak a dialect of this language Tamil ).

The sequence of events that form a Tamil movie are evidence themselves to the fact that the audience shall acquire the art of being foolish in no time. I don’t wish to elaborate on the sequences lest I should become one such. The very fact that the audience ( read people at the end of the spectrum of being sane ) throw currency notes at the movie screen and shout at the top of their voice as and when the main protagonist of the film appears on the screen for the first time is reason enough to declare that movie houses are the incubators of lunacy.

That is not all. One can acquire expertise in being foolish by watching a Telugu movie in a much shorter time – say in a matter of thirty minutes to one hour. Telugu movies have the inalienable right to produce Ph.Ds in lunacy. The more I dwell on that language film, more is the likelihood of myself becoming a lunatic without even watching those films once.

Now-a-days Tamil nadu has started to re-gain its position of being the number one state in lunacy just by a stroke of genius – its schools especially that are allowed to mushroom in the Namakkal region of the state. Lunacy is inculcated in the most meticulous fashion in the students that they begin to act like one as soon as they enter those schools. And who better to inculcate into the spirit of lunacy than the elder lunatics ? The result – most number of centums in subjects such as English and Tamil.

Let us suppose there are two “students” who score 490 out of 500 marks. The one that has taken Tamil as the second language would be declared the first rank holder in the state while the other who would probably have taken French or Sanskrit would not even be mentioned about. What is this mentality to be called other than ‘luncay’  for want of a better word ?

Once these lunactic luminaries march out of their asylums, they are automatically shepherded into the the premier asylums called ‘engineering colleges’ about which we have seen in the first paragraph. Any person of an enviable reputation of having a couple of criminal and civil cases against him and a couple of millions in his bank and is close to a politician ( a glorified lunatic ) , is entitled to start a college with strange sounding names that resemble all the permutations and combinations of the English character set.

And what better place than Namakkal to start such schools ? Namakkal is also the hub of the broiler poultry industry. Chicken and eggs from the hatcheries of Namakkal are known all over India and are even exported. I see no difference between the way the chicken are reared for being butchered and the way students are incubated to be butchered of their intellectual abilities in Namakkal schools.

And these schools serve one purpose – kill creativity and diversity. Chicken don’t need to be creative, you see.

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