Burn Israel, shall we ?

‘Burn Israel’ seems to be the most acceptable solution according to the world media.

Let us take a step back. 

How did this latest Israel-Palestine flare-up come about ?

Did Israel start the war ? Did they start the helicopter attack on Gaza?
Did Hamas not provoke the fight ? Did they not rain rockets on Tel Aviv? Are rockets fired to shower rose petals ? So, if they attack you , should you keep quiet and proclaim ‘Ahimsa paramo Dharmaha‘ Non-violence is the best virtue ?

Let us get our facts straight.

The obnoxious ISIS advances on Iraq, capturing its cities and destroying Shia mosques. There was no way of stopping them. With Saudi backing, they progressed. This is one part. 

In Palestine, the Hamas government couldn’t even pay salaries to its 40,000 employees. Its influence started to wane when it entered into a compromise with Fatah, its own opposition group in Palestine. Its main sponsor Saudi Arabia was beginning to back ISIS to capture Iraq. If that happens then Hamas would become obsolete.

Syria’s President  Bashar al-assad was the other main benefactor of Hamas. He fought with other Islamic rebels in his own country and that antagonized Hamas. So another funding source dried up.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government supported Hamas. Now that Mohammad Morsi has been ousted, the military backed government of Egypt stopped support. Yet another funding source evaporated.

An unified Iraq and Syria under a caliphate would sound the death knell to all other sundry groups like Hamas and Hezhollah. Therefore, to remain relevant, Hamas has to act, a last desperate death defying action, and hence chose the common enemy-Israel. Hitting Israel would help galvanize the islamic world and at least help the temporary life sustaining fund from Saudi Arabia and other theocratic states. 

Israel would anyways respond in a heavy manner and thus would help Hamas achieve its fund target. More so, the month is also auspicious. So Hamas capitalizes on the charity of the islamic nations. Donating to charity is ordained in the religion and Hamas stooped so low to take advantage of the noble gesture. It even spoiled twice,the truce brokered by Egypt. Need to achieve target funding you see.

Can’t depend on old ally Iran as well. Ahmadinejad has since retired and the new leader wants to be friends with the US and therefore wouldn’t want to get into the wrong side of Israel.

So, with  Saudi, Syria and Egypt having been effectively antagonized, Iran having become impotent in so far as funding is concerned and Gaza’s borders with Egypt and Israel walled and no traffic of material and people possible, Hamas’s only way to relevance is to ‘fight’ Israel and thereby elicit concessions from the former countries.

Pretending not to know any of these, the too generalistic media proclaims otherwise.

Now, shall we burn Israel ?

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