Godse Gandhi – ek Yudh review

Marathi plays have been bold. ‘Me Nathuram Godse Boltoye’ was one such.

In the same lines, yet another stage play with the name ‘Godse@Gandhi.com’- that deals with Godse’s reasoning of his killing Gandhi – has been made into a movie.

And this movie resembles its play version in full.

While seeking to paint the point of view from Godse’s perspective, the dialogues get repetitive with Godse accusing Gandhi of being against Hindus. Repetition makes the narrative irritating.

Gandhi’s much spoken about abstinence and his imposition of the same on his co-ashramites also becomes a point of discussion. Whether Gandhiji acceded to the request of his follower or not forms the second climax of the movie.

The idea of making Gandhiji and his assassin talk to each other and get to know each other’s points of view is an interesting angle to view from. However theatrical performance by the characters – Nehru, Kripalani, Patel and Ambedkar – spoil the movie quite a lot.

A welcome attempt that could have been better with tighter narration and better choice of actors.

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