Is this the only news ?

“Is this the only news?”, thundered the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Karnataka is an elite state in India that has Bangalore as its capital where parents are mostly young IT workers. He was irritated at the news channels’ constant flashing of a particular news. He is a man of variety and hence wanted different news .

What was the news ?

A male school teacher raped a 6 year old girl student in school. You read it right. A SIX year old child. Such a simple news and the media keep flashing this away for their TRP ratings ? The minister is justified, isn’t he ?

The child is not his grand-daughter anyways.

Pusillanimity, nonchalance, lackadaisical approach – these have come to define Karnataka in recent times. No wonder the Chief Minister reacted thus.

Then they arrested the animal and put him on trial. In all likelihood he would get the death penalty as per the new law enacted after the Delhi Nirbhaya case. And as per national practice, the human right activists would start pleading for mercy for the animal in ‘celebration of democracy’ thereby feeding fodder to the media to flash even more of this animal news.

‘Is this the only news?’, the minister would thunder again after a full 10 years. Then there would be a new minister uttering the same question.

So, media, please reserve your energies for the next question from a new minister.

RSS Charanam Gachchaami..

Prevarication, procrastination, intransigence, dilly-dalliance, pusillanimity, inaction, inadequate action, being directionless, playing caste, high handedness, stooping to any level to appease, actual appeasement, brazenness, hippocratic tendencies, blackmail, disrespect to the people – all these are the causes for the BJP’s rout in Karnataka.

Not that this was not expected. Everybody knew this was coming. But none in the BJP wanted to act on it.

The central leadership ( if that existed ) sought to play hide and seek with Yeddyurappa. The rot should have been nipped in the bud. But the leadership was afraid of the caste politics of the Lingayats and Vokkaligas.

Is there no hope for the BJP ? Yes there is.

Shun caste politics. Adopt Modi brand.  He never uses his caste ( he is from the backward caste though ). He speaks Governance and Results, growth and progress, economics and industry. But never caste and religion.

So, the way out for the BJP in Karnataka – hand over the party to the RSS. Populate the party with RSS pracharaks and swayamsevaks. Remove the money bags and looters who ever that might be. Well, the party might still lose the next elections without the money bags but the elections after next would be theirs as swayamsevaks never desert and abandon the cause.

But will the BJP listen ? Let them better listen. 2014 is hardly an year away.

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