BSNL Conundrum

Letter to the Prime Minister – BSNL Conundrum
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Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I am an Indian citizen. I had written several letters to your predecessor with no luck of reply. But I was surprised when your office wrote me back on some suggestions that I had made to you on handling corruption. Hence I have made it a point to write to you periodically on issues that affect the common man.

Today I had to go to the local office of BSNL in Chennai. I already have a landline as well as a mobile connection from BSNL. I wanted one more mobile connection for my son and hence asked for an additional line.

The clerk asked me to go to another telephone exchange if I opted for post paid connection and was willing to serve me for a pre-paid connection. I opted for the pre-paid connection. He then asked me to fill out a form, provide an identity proof and an address proof. I am an existing customer and hence produced my current bill. That was for the address proof. Then I had to provide my PAN Card for the identity proof.

I had to go out, in search of a photocopy shop for taking a copy of the proof. Later, he asked me for a passport sized photo which I didn’t carry. Hence I had to come back empty handed.

My questions :

  1. When I am already a customer of BSNL, why should I produce address and identity proofs ?
  2. Why should I have to go to another telephone exchange for post-paid connection ?
  3. Why should I provide a passport sized photo, yet again, when I am already BSNL’s customer ?
  4. Why does not a premier government undertaking have a photocopy machine installed in its premises ?

I request you to direct the I&B ministry to address these obvious discrepancies. Let me add further that the staff were courteous and efficient , just that the process is so cumbersome.

Yours Sincerely,

Amaruvi Devanathan

#narendramodi, #pmoindia

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