Indian Media is stupid

Indian media have never been known for commonsense. But this satire by Madhu Trehan on the Indian media, NDTV in particular, exposes the complete lack of even elementary sense in the media. #mediacrooks

The way NDTV’s Barkha Dutt, propped by an army Jawan, interviews a flood victim and the way another interviewer occupies valuable real estate in an air force chopper and asks stupid questions to victims, brings not only nausea in us but also anger.

While NDTV has an excellent anchor in Srinivasan Jain, it also compensates for its excellence and has Barkha Dutt.

Spread word about this stupidity called Indian media and also the good work done by Madhu Trehan via her site

Un-dressing the HAMAS

If this is not worth reporting, then what is ? Kudos Srinivasan Jain for this fantastic piece of journalism.

NDTV, the Indian television network has done a splendid work of filming an actual Hamas rocket firing from inside a residential area in Gaza. All along, the leftist media and the Hamas apologists have claimed that it was Israel that was targeting innocent Palestinians. 

So, if Hamas fires hiding behind civilians, are they warriors ? If you want war, should you not at least come out of civilian areas ?

Now, would the ‘elite’ media report the true Hamas ? 

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