What is Jan 1, any way ?

I fail to understand what is so wonderful about January 1 every year. Before that let me try to decipher the madness that happens the previous night.

On 31-Dec, every year, at the un-godly hour of 12:00 AM, people start screaming at the top of their voice. Usually we hear street dogs howling at that time. Even they seem perplexed at the behaviour of their human counterparts who suddenly roam about on the streets and borrow the canine vocal cords.

So, what actually happens on Dec-31 ? Does the Sun or Moon change hemisphere ? Is the Moon hit by a meteorite every year and hence that makes humans howl at midnight ?

And as an antidote to human howls, they start bursting crackers. What is the celebration here ? The local courts, that usually pounce on Deepavali induced cracker bursts, keep mum.

How different is the night of Dec-31 from say Dec-30 ?

Boys and girls start roaming at the strike of midnight and come home either crying due to some misdemeanor or in some cases don’t come home at all.

And come to think of it, How does this even apply to India, of all nations ? None of the linguistic states of India have their linguistic new year on Jan 1. So, why howl ?

Additionally, why have a public holiday on Jan 1 ? Whose new year is India celebrating ?

Come on. Think. Thiruvalluvar would have laughed at this collective frenzy and said எண்ணித் துணிக கருமம் with an emphasis on the last word – கருமம்.

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