Hit the ground running, anybody ?

Have you ever been interviewed for a job where they have said,’You have got to hit the ground running ?’ If yes, you better read this.

Look out for other adjectives like ‘dynamic’ and ‘agile’ as well. If these are added, then better stay away or be prepared for the the following:

What the interviewer essentially means is the job that you are being hired for has been recently vacated midway by somebody who has left in a huff. What is also left unsaid is that the environment you would soon be in, is one where none knows what needs to be done but every one keeps doing things anyway.

When ‘Agile’ and ‘Dynamic’ are mentioned, the situation is very clear. It is a catastrophe. It means expectations will change every one hour and they would keep moving the goal posts every now and then with the result that you will end up doing the job without knowing whether you have achieved your targets or not.

And if ‘Agile’ is stressed again and again, time to say an emphatic ‘No’ because ‘agile’ is the next best word of ‘I don’t know what I want and I don’t know what to do or how to do it. So you come over and do’.

Be ware of ‘agile’ and ‘dynamic’ or you would have to ‘hit the ground running’ and thereafter ‘hit against the wall’.