Re-writing India, page by page

When Panditji, in 1963, requested the RSS to take part in the Republic Day parade as a thanksgiving for its services during the 1962 China war, the tide had begun to turn right.

Later, govt after govt, in wholly misplaced and now widely-acknowledged-as-stupid acts of appeasement, ably aided by liberal funding from missionaries and NGOs, continued to paint the RSS in bad light. This ensured that left-centric academic discourse alone hogged limelight and all other streams of thought were painted as backward and retrograde.

Decade after decade, large chunks of tax payer money was spent to write history with a Red tint, Green bias and White symphathy on the one hand, and anti-Saffron on the other. The damage this has done to the psyche of the nation did not deter the rulers and their psychophants who doubled up as gurus of great erudition.

This has resulted in brainwashing generations of Indians into believing that their days of glory didn’t exist, that theirs was a caste and superstition-ridden society and that the new age gurus were the Mughals and the British who brought some semblance of modernity and thought to the teeming millions of beggars, mendicants and snake charmers.

Anything in excess would only turn counter productive. Therefore the hatred-spewing and venom-spitting by the left media, missionary and academia have resulted in the following :

  1. RSS Prime Minister
  2. RSS President
  3. RSS Vice President
  4. RSS Chief Ministers in most states

Now is the time to write a true history of India, that does not care about the multitudes of harems of the Mughal emperors, but looks at the accomplishments of Rajendra Cholan, Travancore Kings, Chatrapathi Shivaji, the Bhosles, the Peshwas and other un-sung patriots.

Now is the time to correctly document the business acumen of the Chettiar community of South India, whose business prowess, even in the then not-so-modern times, were admirable and comparable to the current day Harvard Business grads.

Now is the time to write about our real heroes – Rani Mangamma of Madurai, Rani of Jhansi and the multitude of lady warriors who sacrificed their lives for their honour and for the honour of their states.

Now is the time to look at what happened in Kashi, Mathura and Ayodhya, and explain, without any bias, as to why what happened, happened.

Now is the time to make Indians feel that their ancestors were not stupids and idiots as they have been taught to believe.

Now is the time to re-write India, page by page.

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