Mr.President, who are you speaking to ?

The President’s speech today brought me some questions. Those in quotes are the President’s words and the Italicised are mine.

“Our security and armed forces, backed by the steel of popular support, have proved that they can crush an enemy within; with as much felicity as they guard our frontiers. Mavericks who question the integrity of our armed services are irresponsible and should find no place in public life”

Who questioned the integrity of the armed forces ? Nobody ever did. We only questioned the integrity of the civilian leadership.

“We do feel angry, and rightly so, when we see democratic institutions being weakened by complacency and incompetence. If we hear sometimes an anthem of despair from the street, it is because people feel that a sacred trust is being violated.”

Sir, we are angry. Who violated the trust ? It is the current UPA folks who violated the trust. Why not ask them directly ?

“…For those in power democracy is a sacred trust. Those who violate this trust commit sacrilege against the nation”

So, we all know who committed the sacrilege. What is your action on those who did that ?

“We can be world leaders in education, if only we discover the will and leadership to take us to that pinnacle”

Did we stop your government form doing that ? You seem to sound as if someone held you back from discovering our will and leadership.

In any case I am proud of my republic and the constitution. Wish you a happy Republic Day.

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