Walking in the night

Had to take my son to a clinic at 2:30 AM, for he had a cough that didn’t seem to subside despite medication. The weather was pleasant and I thought a walk would do him good.

We crossed Blocks 508 and 507. Two women, carrying laptops, were returning from work. On the road over-bridge on AYE, two couples were returning home after a night out.

The walk was pleasant and helped the child. We reached the clinic at 3 AM, registered with the lone lady receptionist at O&M, and, when walking back home after consulting with the doctor, we passed a food-court where 5 people were having a late supper ( or was it early breakfast?).

Again, on the over-bridge, we met a lone lady walking past us. Just to make sure, I checked if her feet touched the ground.

A ten minute walk and we met one more couple getting home probably after a party. In the void deck under Block 508, a lady was typing vigorously on her smartphone, alone.

Lee Kuan Yew once said that it would require 300 of his clones to work in tandem to make India a Singapore, for India was not a county but a 5000 year old civilization. Any idea is utopian, unless it is achieved.

I pray to god to shower  Modi with 300 LKY Power  to realize Gandhiji’s dream of getting  sisters in India return home safe, even if they walked alone, adorned with ornaments, at the dead of night.

Like they do in Singapore.

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