Double trouble

Please sample the two mails received today. Nothing wrong with the content. All are in impeccable language. And there is no wrong intent.

The intentions are noble. One asks me for feedback while the other has apparently enabled my internet banking and wants me to use that.

But I have just one problem with these two mails. And the problem is – I don’t have an account with these two banks.

Dear Customer

We appreciate your relationship with our Bank. To serve you better is our motto.

On the occasion of our 10th Foundation Day on October 1, 2013, we solicit your feedback to further enrich your experience with us.

We value your time, but a few minutes of yours will enable us to gain deeper insights of your perception about our products and services. We assure you that your comments will be held in complete confidence and your contact details will not be shared with any other entity.

May we request you to kindly fill in the form through the link embedded in this mail.

Customer Care Centre Team,
IDBI Bank Ltd.

Click here to submit your feedback.

HDFC Bank Logo
Dear Customer,Thank You for banking with us.This is to inform you that your Customer Id has been enabled. You can now log into NetBanking with your Customer ID and IPIN (Password) and conduct a wide range of transactions.

Incase your have forgotten your NetBanking IPIN ( Password), please visit to re-generate the same online, realtime.

Please contact PhoneBanking or your nearest HDFC Bank Branch for any queries.

This is an auto generated mail. Please do not reply to this email.

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Take care of your loved ones. Ensure you have a nominee appointed for all your accounts including Lockers, Fixed Deposits and Savings Accounts.

Shutting down, yes papa ..

“What do you mean the US govt is shutting down ?”, eight year old Bharat asked me when I was glued to CNN.

He had earlier in the day visited the Nasa Kids website , his usual routine to play space games, and had apparently been greeted by the shut down message.

“Shutting down means shutting down. Power off”, I blurted, still looking at Anderson Cooper.

“But power off is not shutting down, right?”, pestered Bharat.

Losing patience, I said, “What ever. But the government is shut down. You better look at your Oggy and the Cockroaches”.

“But Appa, how can somebody shut down a country? It does not have a key board, right?”, he kept on.

“Bharat, better look at the lego video and leave me in peace. I have to watch CNBC to look at the stocks”, I said.

“Okay, but one final question. Actually two final questions”, he pleaded to which I agreed.

“Appa, why should the government be shut down ?”, he asked.

“Because they don’t have money. And so they shut down”.

“You mean, they didn’t have money ? And Obama said close the doors?”, he continued.

“Something like that. But you have exceeded your questions”.

“That is okay Appa. But why shut down ? Why not, say, take money from ATM?”

“Well, ATM is fine. But no money in the government’s account”. I thought I had escaped.

“No Appa, If they need money, they could have sold the space stations to other countries, right?”, he asked. Sensible question though. But I didn’t have an answer.

“I still have a doubt”, he said. I was thinking of escape routes but found none.

“Appa, when you have to shut down, but don’t want to shut down, you can put it in ‘Sleep’ right ? That is what we do to the computer”, he said.

“Good idea, but it probably didn’t occur to Obama uncle”, I stammered.

“Or they could have logged off”, he said. I had five minutes of peace after which he came up again.

“Appa, how about switch user? Why did not Obama do that?”,he asked.

“Bharat, that ‘switch-user’ is not for Obama to make. It is for the people to do. They do it once every four years. It is called elections”, I triumphantly declared and was rather pleased at my answer.

“But Appa, do we have ‘switch user’ in India?”, he said.

I give up. Let me know if you know whom to switch to in India.