Singapore Social Airlines

So, what happens when you post in your Facebook as soon as you get out of a Singapore Airlines Flight ?

Simple : The Airline takes note of it and acts on it.

The surmise is simple. Passengers are expected to be associated with the airline in the first one hour after their flight. So any feelings that they express would be genuine and un-biased ones. And that can be taken as an actionable sentiment.

So Singapore Airlines looks into the public Facebook and Twitter statuses of its passengers  immediately after its flight and gets to know of the passenger experiences. And these are collated based on different classifications and feedback is provided to the respective departments.

And all this takes place seamlessly in a matter of two hours. The technology is based on Teradata Asterdata’s social media aggregator plugins – a step towards Big Data.

And that is the hallmark of an airline that seeks to improve on every front at every given opportunity despite the fact that this airlines is one of the best in the world.

And that is Singapore Airlines for you.

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