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Arvind Kejriwal, the anarchist Chief Minister of Delhi, wants all flights from Singapore to be cancelled for fear of ‘Singapore Variant’ virus, for which Vivian Balakrishnan , Singapore minister has responded strongly by conveying the govt’s displeasure to the High Commission of India in Singapore. Later Indian External Affairs Minister S.Jaishankar has said that Kejriwal doesn’t speak for India.

Singapore has been of great support to India during this Covid crisis. While IAF flew to Singapore to bring Oxygen tankers, the Singapore Air Force, on its own, flew down to India to deliver essential medical equipment and oxygen.

The IIT-IIM Network in Singapore has sourced several millions worth medical equipment and oxygen concentrators from Singapore to India.In a personal capacity, I am trying to fly down some oxygen concentrators from Singapore using my friends’ circle.

Irresponsible and chaotic politicians like Kejriwal should be shown the doors as soon as possible for the sake of India.

There is a method in Arvind Kejriwal ‘s daily madness.

Cry on TV for beds, get them. Cry on TV for oxygen, get it. Cry on TV for vaccine, get it. Now, nothing to cry about on TV.So, cry about about non-existent #singaporestrain

Damn foreign relations, damn diplomacy, damn country.I need my 15 mins, on TV, every day.

A blot on IIT, that is Arvind Kejriwal.

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