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Clementi, 9:00 AM on a Friday.

She, all of 20, wore a low necked pink top and searched furiously on her phone while having one leg strategically over the other that left nothing to imagination. 

He was all of 25, wore a blue jean and was searching too, on his Iphone. Was he looking for a job ? I wouldn’t know.


‘Holy shit’, he said, ‘Starhub sucks’. 

‘Bloody hell’, she said, ‘M1 sucks’.

Obvious. The train had entered a tunnel.

Outram Park.

He got down, dialled a number and waited while she, in the train, answered her phone.

‘Hi, got an SMS just now. Couldn’t meet you in train’.

‘Oh ok, Thanks. I too got your SMS just now’.

‘Where are you now?’

‘In the train. Leaving Outram Park’.

‘OMG. I got down just now. What were you wearing?’

‘Pink tops’.

‘Oh Jeesus, I was sitting in front of you’

‘The blue jean boy? Holy shit, I saw you!’

‘Hello, Hello…’

‘Hi, able to hear me ? hellooo’ this network sucks,’ she exclaimed.

Or the lack of it, I thought.

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Do Singapore Telcos cheat ?

You know that telcos are avaricious. Are Singapore telcos so ? I think they are. Look at what they did.

Last month SingTel offered ‘Unlimited’ fiber optic data plan for S$69.90 pm for 800Mbps. But it still offers a 500 Mbps plan at S$79.90 pm. So the already locked-in customer has no choice but to pay more for lesser speeds while new customers would enjoy greater speeds at lower costs.

Earlier this year M1, the other telco in Singapore reduced the price of its 1Gbps fiber broadband plan from $399 to S$99 pm and later brought it to S$ 49 pm. And that is a whopping 88% reduction. How is that profitable at all ?

All this reduction in price is because a new telco by name My Republic has started offering 1Gbps at S$ 49 pm.

So if the telcos operate in tandem and have uniformly higher charges, the unaware customer has to pay.

Seems ‘Cheating’ has a new name – Price War.

Source : ‘Today’ paper, dtd 13-Sep-2014

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