China – what it is, actually

For the Dumb English media in India, some details on Chinese surveillance techniques and the danger they pose to the world. Let The Hindu, NDTV et al open their eyes..

When India bans a Chinese product, the English media is usually up in arms with’Stand with China’,’Freedom of Trade’ and similar sounding headlines. When it is common knowledge that China strangles freedom and treats its ethnic minorities in a wholly in-human manner, these very english media voices develop speech impairment and remain dumb. 

When India issued an advisory to her armed forces personnel on Chinese mobile phones, The Hindu, the so-called Índia’s National Newspaper’from Chennai issued an editorial on expected lines and periodically issued warnings like this.

NDTV, yet another English channel from India, has the habit of issuing ‘warnings’ disguised as óp-ed’pieces pontificating on the need for maintaining regional unity, read – acquiesce to Chinese demands and don’t grow a back bone. 

But when it comes to media suppression, minority rights curtailment, surveillance and lack of privacy in China, the Indian media, that would otherwise be shouting over the rooftops for ‘freedom of expression’, would plug all its human-rights orifices and act dumb. 

To remind the dumb Indian media on what China is doing with its digital dictatorship schemes, I hereby present some videos on the said topic from the BBC, The Economist and the Australian News Networks, and hence can’t be a ‘hindutva’ production. Enjoy these videos and form your opinion of what China really is.  

BBC Report on China – a surveillance state

Dystopian Digital Dictatorship in China

When a Chinese billionaire accused the CCCP of corruption, the govt put his family members in jail.

Wall Street Journal details the surveillance state in the muslim majority Uyghur minority provice.

The Economist’s report on China being a surveillance state.

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