Warren Buffet and Hindutva

‘There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult,’ says Warren Buffet. He means the financial instruments by this.

I think this is equally applicable for discussions on Philosohy. By making convoluted interpretations of rather simple ideas, the elite classes are driving the common man out of the domain of philosophical discourse, so much so that he falls easy prey to the dacoits of conversion.

The well meaning Hindutva groups too have a role in this. There is so much hair-splitting happening in their discourses that the fundamental need to unite people gets sidelined and the already marginalized people are frightened and don’t care to participate in, any further. That is when the Marxists take over and punch holes in the theories of the Hindutva groups.

The need of the hour is to make things simple and that includes ideas as well. The iPhone is so popular not only because it is feature-rich but is also simple to understand and use. Same applies to philosophical discourse too.

Hope the pundits learn.


  • ‘Hindutva’ is not a bad word. The Supreme Court has clarified that.
  • Howling Brigades, Spitting Sentinels, Marxist Mandarins, Dravidian Drummers – start music. Let there be an orchestra this time!
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