Something or other happens and people who maintain a stoic silence otherwise start talking that too incongruously . Well, it is true that people are entitled to their opinions but they generally keep quiet at happenings and once something happens that draws most people’s attention, the stiff-upper lips start their verbal diarrhea.

The problem with verbal diarrhea is that during such times, the mind shuts down automatically and the tongue begins its run and stops only when it has grown tired.

Yes, you guessed it right. The recent utterances of their Eminences on the Delhi rape case is what this piece is about.

The RSS chief who generally maintains his dignity opened up. His piece on the difference between Bharat and India was a bit confusing. He could have left it at that. It would not have caused any damage. People would have forgotten what he had said. But he didn’t stop. He pontificated on a ‘social contract ‘ that was supposedly known as marriage and advised women to be at home while allowing their husbands to work. Well, that would have been alright for those husbands that work. How about Tamil Nadu where the men folk from the working class spend most of their time in TASMAC – the govts’ wine shops for the masses ? Who would provide for the family if the wife didn’t work? Well, you could say that the govt provides free rice, tv and the lot. But the govt doesn’t provide education worth the salt. So the children would have to go to “English” medium schools to learn Tamil. How would that be possible if the wife didn’t work as a house maid or a mid-day-meal worker?

How about the unfortunate women without their husbands? ( in some cases they are fortunate that they didn’t have the need to live with drunkard husbands ). How would they live without working? Yes they have free colored TV sets to pass their time but TV sets need power supply to work.

How about the other group that has live in relationships? Can the women stay out of work while depending on their live-in partners . What happens if they don’t get married eventually ?

These are some of the questions that the RSS chief didn’t touch upon. Probably somebody advise him to talk on those issues in their next meeting.

Then came Asaram Bapu of Delhi. He pontificated that the braveheart should have called her rapists ‘brothers’. Probably that brotherly invocation would have resulted in a rakhi ceremony.

The utterances of some BJP ministers from Chhatisgarh are indicative of the dire need to open up lunatic asylums in their hordes. The asylum entrepreneurs have ready clientele in the BJP ministers. For Congress, you need a reserve forest kind of set up.

I think these eminents have taken a vow to be in the limelight for their 15 minutes of eminence and thus have mouthed such un-heard of material that has only resulted in making us believe that Tamil Comedy Actor Vadivelu needs to come back on screen ASAP and resume his comedy lest we get lesser qualified comedians.
An apology – ( posted on 13-Jan-2013 )

My apologies. I was a bit over-enthusiastic. The RSS chief has not said those that are attributed to him it seems. As usual our English media has hoodwinked me. But this is yet another instance of anti-right philosophy and prejudice of the English media against the right.  Got to know the truth from the following site.


One thought on “The Chatterboxes

  1. there is a need for a crusade against self-styled god men who preside over wealth of crores of rupees wealth and after losing touch with reality have become arrogant, a disqualification for a saint..


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