Ode to my Deliverer

Atlast my messiah has arrived.

The Shepherd to shepherd me,

The mid-wife to deliver me ,

The teacher to guide me,

The Father to chastise me,

The Guide to take me thro’ this jungle,

The Cobbler to mend me,

The Tailor to cut me to size,

The Messiah to mesmerize me,

The Tarzan to save me,

The Phantom to protect me,

The Superman to seize me,

The Batman to battle for me.

The Surgeon to stitch me back to life,

The Singer to hypnotize me,

The Comedian to tickle me ,

The Preacher to evangelize me to life,

The Physician to breathe me to life,

The Driver to drive me through life’s mazes,

The Boatman to row me to safety,

The Pilot to fly me thro’ turbulent times,

The Sailor to sail me to heaven on earth,

The Composer to keep me stupefied,

The Lyricist to keep me mesmerized,

The Mother to lull me into slumber

With her mellifluous lullaby

Has Arrived.

Hurray and Hellalujah !

( Ode to my Deliverer – Rahulji )

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