Hello Arundati Roy, Teesta Setalwad, Ram Chanda Guha – where are you guys ?

Don’t you know that human right is being violated in India?

Don’t you know that convicted mass murderers are being executed as per law ?

Don’t you know that the UPA govt has passed an ordinance for death to rapists ?

Don’t you keep track of news items now ?

Don’t these anti socials deserve any respect for their lives ?

They are being murdered mercilessly and you guys have abandoned your holy duty to safeguard them ?

Especially in Tamil Nadu history shelters and known rowdy elements that have a string of charges against them are being “encountered” or they “get killed” in gang wars. Where are you hibernating ? Are you not abandoning your right to defend these anti-socials?

The LTTE folks, the Naxal brethren and the ULFA/JKLF/JeM cadre could be next.

You guys are their only hope. Please don’t leave them in the merciless hands of the Indian Judicial System that seems to take care of the ordinary citizens now-a-days.

C’mon, rise up to the occasion !


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