When the mind goes blank..

There are days that happen during which existential matters take precedence and cause so much stress that the mind goes blank. The very fact that the mind has passed out is demonstrated when you keep looking at your watch five times in five minutes without the time getting registered in your mind.

These days occur to me at alarming frequency. A careless analysis of those days reveal a recurring pattern. Those are days when meetings would have happened with a single point agenda and everything else other than the agenda would have been discussed.

These days, meetings of this kind seem to occur more often than they used to in earlier times. Call it the sign of times or what ever one might want to call. The point is that these meetings have become pointless and this, everyone including the one that calls for these meetings have come to understand. Yet these continue probably to satisfy some unstated purpose.

And the perfect way to unwind oneself after these meetings is to open ones’s Kindle or the dog eared copy of Right Ho Jeeves, by P.G.Wodehouse. He brings the much needed chemical reactions in the brain that ensures that the grey matter called brain, that would have otherwise been turned into cauliflowers, remains as grey matter.

Though long dead and gone, Wodehouse keeps me sane nowadays. And I open the Kindle more often than I used to in earlier times.

And I pity the one in these meetings that doesn’t have his own copy of Wodehouse.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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