Stupids and Idiots

The sun was too hot to bear. I dashed into the earliest available restaurant that was air-conditioned.
There were a few people already in the restaurant. They were bunched in groupd of three or four. But amazingly there was no noise. I thought I that they might be involved completed with the dishes that were in front of them.
When I was anxiously waiting for the waiter and contemplating on what to order on a hot afternoon, there was a family of five people who rushed in. The man was about 45 years old while the woman was about 40 and the children should have been in the age group of 14 to 18. There were two girls and a boy.
I just couldn’t help overhear their conversation as they were seated just in from of me.
Waiter – what can I take as order sir ?
Man – wait a min, guys are not finished settling down yet.
Woman – wait. Let me see what Rash,I suggests on Facebook.
Girl 1- my friend Sara says chilli dosa is great here. See the Facebook photo she has uploaded.
Boy – oh no. Ranga says chilli parrotta is great here. See he got 80 ‘likes’ on his post in Facebook for this.
Girl 2- no way. I am going for a milkshake with a flavor of gooseberry. See that is what Sandhya has posted in her last week profile on FB.
Man – my friend Sankar has the great pic of a cheese pizza on Instagram. So let us go for that.
Woman – Sunil, don’t force your views on us. We go by what we want.
Girl 1- okay. Let us do it this way. Let us order starters first and then look for other options.
And then they started searching frantically for starter options in Facebook.
And each one hit upon a new item that made the waiter wince in frustration.
I called the waiter to my table and asked him,’what is the most preferred item in your restaurant ?’
He said, ‘Idly and vada with a second helping of sambar’
‘But why don’t you say that to that family?’
‘Sir, they never asked me. They are not even talking to themselves. They are talking to somebody else on the phone to get the food items’.
‘So do you have those items that they are talking about ?’
‘ I have never heard of those items. We only serve idly, vada and dosa’.
‘Why only these three items?’, I ask in surprise.
‘Sir, the restaurant is called ‘Idly Dosa Corner”.
Not knowing all these, the family was still arguing with their friends and among themselves on what exotic dish to order.
And they have also asked for opinions on Facebook.
If you have some suggestion, please help them with the hash tag #stupid_idiots.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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