When SMRT sang a lullaby

The man seems to be in a hurry. Rushing into the train car, he misses the closing doors by a whisker and looks for a vacant seat in a corner. Scrambling for the seat, he hits a lady with his backpack but nevertheless reaches his target. With a sigh of relief expressed visibly, he closes his eyes with the Ipod strings firmly attached to his ears.

The seat is a reserved one for needy folks. While the greedy guy nods is head in tune with his Ipod tunes, the needy folks who embark in a later station continue to stand. The elderly lady eyes the guy eagerly. But he seems lost in his world, eyes shut.

Losing patience, I gently nudge the guy. He doesn’t wake up leave alone stand up. I touch his arms that feels warm with sweat. No response for my trespass. When the train suddenly jerks and stops, the lady’s bags go for a toss. She herself momentarily stumbles, finding support to lean while the mean man sleeps still. Not even the jerk arouses this jerk.

Completely incensed, I drop my laptop on his lap that makes him look up from his ‘nap’ for my laptop was on top of his lap. Losing ones’ balance, you see.

I blame the train for the drop and the lady gets her seat without a prod.

‘Se se’, she says while her eyes seem moist. (‘se se’ – Thanks’ in Mandrin).

Sure SMRT sings lullabies. It gives ideas too.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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