Less an editor more a tweeter

Today’s ‘The Hindu’ has this sentence “Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner continue to dog Air India with one returning here midway after its windshield suffered a crack and two grounded as their GE engines belonged to the same series ..”

What kind of a sentence is this ? ‘Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner continue ????’ Is not ‘Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner’, the subject, singular ? So the verb has to be ‘continues’, am I right ? Even BharathRam would spot this.

Is the complexity in the sentence needed ? It could have been simply :” Boeing’s much touted 787 Dreamliner continues to trouble Air India. Recently, there was a crack in a windshield of a Dreamliner series plane. Earlier, two GE engines identified by FAA as troublesome, were fitted in Air India’s planes…”. Is writing in simple sentences so difficult?

Look at another sentence :

“Boeing had earlier advised Air India to avoid flying Dreamliner near high-level thunderstorms because of an increased risk of icing on the engines. This led to Japan Airlines withdrawing the Dreamliner on the Delhi-Tokyo route.”

When Boeing had advised Air India, why did Japan Airlines cancel the route ? What is the connection ? Why does not the transition from one sentence to the other take place seamlessly ?

The Hindu’s ‘Know your English’ and editorials used to be my favourite. They shaped my language. The Hindu’s nosedive in the (mis)use of language is shocking. Has it got to do with the Editor who tweets more than she edits ?

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