To Like or Not to Like

You stumble upon a great status update in Facebook – a rarity indeed. But it does happen at times. So, you are really fascinated by the post. The post is short, sweet, and sharp. You like it. You are about to ‘Like’ it.

Then you just scroll to see who posted it. And voila, it is your friend who has a reasonable command of the language and some critical thought process. 

Your hand withdraws on its own. It takes great pains not to click the ‘Like’ button. 

You want to be doubly sure. So you check the post again and the person yet again.

You are sure that the person is your friend.

The fire of jealousy grows inside of you. And you quickly ‘Logout’ from Facebook.

Couple of days later, you meet your friend. But you don’t utter a word on the post. Casual conversation happens and he mentions something about the post while you feign ignorance. 

But your friend knows something that you don’t know. You had inadvertently clicked on the ‘Like’ button and that had triggered an email to him.

I am the friend that has got this e-mail. Who are the feigners ? There are too numerous to name.

But I know this is the moot question ‘To Like or Not to Like?’. And so I let that go. To err, is human, indeed.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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